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Everything you need to know to enjoy your vacation in Chios Island of Greece.

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Find the perfect hotel to stay in Chios among selected properties in the Island.

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Tips and useful links to enchange your stay with memorable activities, Discover the real part of the Island.

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All you need to know for your perfect day... Your wedding day. Ask the experts.

Dinner at Argentikon

Spoil your self and indulge your senses with a three course dinner at the most romantic setting in Chios Island.

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Inside tips to enchance your Chios experience

  1. Visit Nea Moni before 13.00 while the museum is still open
  2. Explore Olympi Cave
  3. Get married in Chios
  4. Visit Argentikon and ask the manager to walk you with you around the estate
  5. Swim at Mavra Volia beach and don’t take a stone from there
  6. Join ChiosBikeRide
  7. Read Yiannis Makridakis
  8. Visit Korai's Library
  9. Explore Chios Castle
  10. Have lunch at "Aperanto Galazio" (=Endless Blue) tavern at Agios Yiannis Vouno
  11. Visit Citrus Museum.
  12. Chew mastic
  13. Have fun at a "panigiri", dance with locals and avoid a fight
  14. Swim at Agia Irene beach
  15. Eat souvlaki at Gargandouas (Megas Limnionas beach)
  16. Visit Ariousios vinery and taste "Ariousios Glikazon" a semi-sweet red wine
  17. Have breakfast at "MyCafe" near the airport and ask for a muffin
  18. Eat at Avgonyma village and ask for galaktoboureko at the end
  19. Find Kanellos at Mesta and try loukoumades
  20. Walk APLOTARIA str, the main commercial road of Chios
  21. Sit on the Homer’s stone at Daskalopetra
  22. Visit Vigla Agias Elenis and overlook Karfas (if you are lucky enough you will enjoy a concert up there. Ask for schedule)
  23. Walk the pathway and head to Agia Markela monastery
  24. Ask to join Mastic cultivation
  25. Swim at Agia Fotia (Agia Foteini) Beach and enjoy a meal at Vostalaki tavern
  26. Have a coffee and a dessert at HLIASTRA inside Chios Castle
  27. Take the tour Nea Moni-Avgonyma-Anavatos-Lithi
  28. Shop at Bakaliko delicatessen and let the essences there to join you for a mystical trip
  29. Enjoy the sunset at Avgonyma village
  30. Take a Cooking Lesson and enjoy a hand made lunch
  31. Have Greek Breakfast at Argentikon or Volissos Holiday Homes, two out of first 100 hotels that apply Greek Breakfast and the only two in Chios
  32. Take the tour Pyrgi-Olympi-Mesta
  33. Enjoy FREE sun beds and umbrellas as Megas Limnionas beach
  34. Eat at Roussiko in Thymiana village
  35. Swim at Viri beach and enjoy a cocktail at the beach bar
  36. Explore Agio Galas Cave
  37. Eat at Pantoukios and feed the fish
  38. Drink Mastihokanela liquor. A combination of Mastic and Cinnamon exclusively produced by Kakitsis Distillery
  39. Rent a sailing boat and enjoy a unique tour around the island
  40. Drink Fresh Chios Beer
  41. Try Mastelo on the grill
  42. Have a cocktail at Viri’s Carpe Diem beach bar
  43. Swim at Lithi beach and eat at 3 Adelfia tavern
  44. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Chios
  45. Walk to Agios Isidoros church and imagine your self getting married there
  46. By hand-made pastas from Chiotiko Kelari (Chios Cellar)
  47. Have dinner at Dafni’s tavern in Katarachtis village
  48. Visit “Mesa-Kei” (=inside there) shop downtown and buy handmade products that comes from the estate next door
  49. Visit Nautical Museum
  50. Swim at Vroulidia beach
  51. See Guistiniani Tower within the castle and visit the Dark Prison
  52. Don’t miss the August full moon at Archaeological site of Emporios
  53. Relax at Fana beach
  54. Buy candles from Floga
  55. While at Pyrgi visit the Folklore Museum
  56. Join one at least of the hiking routes in Chios
  57. Visit PANAGIA KRINA church, a 12th century temple and hide yourself among thousands of red wild tulips (=lalades) at the surrounding fields during March
  58. Enjoy the tasteful SCOOP ice-cream at Aeriko
  59. Follow the route: Nea Moni - Avgonyma - Anavatos - Elinda or Trahili beach - Lith

About Chios

Chios is located at the North-East Aegean Sea and is the fifth largest island in Greece. The island is famous for mastic, the medieval villages of Pyrgi, Mesta and Olympi, and also for the monastery Nea Moni from 1042 which is included on the UNESCO's World Heritage List. 

It is a very Greek island completely free from mass tourism. So if you want to get away from the main tourist tracks and want to meet the real Greece, then you should visit Chios

Unfortunately, not many people choose to spend there holiday on Chios. I do not know why. Maybe it's because so few have been there so there is nobody that can tell about the island; or the reason is that those who have visited Chios do not want to tell other about the island because they want the island to be preserved as it is. Here is everything you could wish for: beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, interesting sights and tempting scenery.
There is international airport on Chios so from some countries it is possible to fly directly. Otherwise it is easiest to go by air to Athens and continue the journey with domestic flights, or travel by air to Mytilene or Samos and go on with ferry to Chios. An option can be a flight to Smirni (Izmir in Turkish) and by boat from Cesme (30' from Smirni) to Chios.
Since Chios is a large island it is most convenient to rent a car. If you just want to stay close to where you stay, you can rent a scooter or a bike. Car, scooter and Bike rental services are available in all major villages. Local bus operates almost the whole island, but their timetable seems to facilitate the inhabitants mostly. 
The most interesting villages are located on the south of the island. In particular the villages Mesta, Olympi and Pyrgi. Of these, Mesta is the finest. The village is built like a fortress and is completely enclosed by defensive walls. The cobbled alleys are at times so narrow that you can touch the houses on both sides. The village has a nice square with several good tavernas. The village is also completely car-free. Olympi is similar to Mesta but not equally pleasant. The village Pyrgi is unique in Greece. Just as Mesta and Olympi, Pyrgi is dated from the Middle Ages, and is also built as an impregnable fortress. What makes Pyrgi special is that the facades are coloured in a mosaic of black and white.
The capital city of the island is also called Chios and is located on the east coast, opposite the Turkish coast. It is a noisy city with about 25.000 inhabitants. As a small Athens, although much quieter, of course, and above all much more pleasant. Nice villages in northern Chios are Kardamilia, Nagos and Volissos. The latter is believed to be Homer's birthplace.
There are plenty of beaches on Chios. If you go around the island, there are great opportunities to find your own beach. Agia Dinami, Elinda, Trahili and Fana is among them. Don’t hesitate to stroll around to find what fits you most. The most popular beaches is Karfas and Komi, both located south of Chios. If you go to Chios on a package holiday you will probably stay in Karfas. There are most of the island's tourist hotels and there are plenty of tavernas, restaurants, tourist shops and a wide range of water sports. On the other hand Komi with plenty of beach bars can offer you a combination of fun and 
My favourite beaches are Vroulidhia beach, Mavra Volia beach, Nagos beach and Managros beach. Vroulidhia and Mavra Volia are located in the south of Chios, the other two on the north of the island.
There are many things to see and do on Chios. To hike between the Mastic villages of Mesta, Olympi and Pyrgi is heartily recommend. Cave of Olymbi (near the village with the same name), is also worth a visit. The monastery Nea Moni should not be missed. Anavatos is a 
deserted stone-made medieval settlement built on the top of a rocky cliff with the same colour as the rock it was built on, therefore blending in and not being easily recognized as a village. Chios Bike Ride is a fresh proposal to discover Kambos.
The big question is where on the island you should stay. Almost all foreign tourists stay in Karfas or in its vicinity (as in Megas Limnionas). Kambos hosts the only 5 star hotel on the island, the famous “ARGENTIKON LUXURY SUITES” an 32K sq.m. estate from 1550 Agia Fotia is a picturesque village right on the sea and Mesta, a unique medieval village. You would not find owners with signs and booklets at the port or the airport waiting for you to presents its “amazing landscape similar to paradise” as it happens often to other Greek islands, so its best to book accommodation ahead; or to take a taxi or bus to the village you want to stay in and search for room on spot.

Πέμπτη, 8 Αυγούστου 2013

Chios Bike Ride

Unveil Kambos' secrets

This summer, the team of ChiosBikeRide is offering you an alternative ride. Grab one of their bikes to stroll around the narrow streets of Kambos and discover the secrets and the essence behind the high stone-walls of the most beautiful area of Chios Island.

A round trip transfer from/to your hotel is offered. Start riding and discover what Kambos has to present.

Carefully maintained estates like Argentikon, the famus citrus museum, and more atractions combine the essence and tastes of Kambos with history.  

At the end of the ride with traditional Greek "meze" dinner, find yourself drinking wine and exchanging wishes for good health (in Greek "geia mas").

Call ChiosBikeRide to reserve a bike: +30 6947 315 709
or send an email for more details: info@realchios.gr

Happy BikeRide!!!